How Tummy Tuck Works?

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Sit-ups, cardio’s and diet regimes…Are you still not getting the perfect flat tummy you always wanted? Well, exercises and diet programs are obviously the first preference of people who wish to have great body. But, for many others with excessive weight and flab, achieving a slim look is only a dream which can still be achieved with the help of Tummy tuck surgery or medically known as “abdominoplasty”.

The surgery is a huge success and helps people not just reduce weight but also tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. However, one should not confuse it with the liposuction method wherein all the excess fat is removed, while the muscles are not tightened at all.

Abdominoplasty or more commonly known as tummy tuck is considered a very major surgery and hence, it is best that you know the procedure and the facts before you plan to undergo the treatment.

tummy tuck

Tummy tuck Procedure

  • The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon and takes almost 2 to 5 hours.
  • The patient is provided general anesthesia, as the procedure is considered a major surgery.
  • The surgeon first makes an incision in the bikini line of the patient. But, if the patient has a lot of excess skin, then the surgeon may also have to make an incision near the belly button.
  • After the incision is made, the surgeon will pull the skin from the abdominal area along with the muscles and removes the excess fat and skin, making the muscles tighter by taking sutures.
  • Once the skin has been tightened, the surgeon then closes the incisions, bandages the sutures and brings the patient into the recovery room.


The recovery period usually takes a time between 2 to 6 weeks. However, the time period depends largely on the patient’s health and the procedure done by the surgeon. Doctors also suggest certain light exercises that help in faster healing.

Are you a suitable candidate for tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck procedure is performed on both men and women with good health.

Women who have a loose skin in their abdominal area due to pregnancies will find the procedure useful. They can again enjoy a tight abdomen with no flab or excess skin.

For men, who are obese and have successfully lost weight with exercises and diet, the procedure of tummy tuck is ideal. The method will help them get rid of the excess fat and skin from their abdominal area.

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