Side Effects of Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplants are good! Well, until now you must have only heard about the advantages and how effective the treatment method is from doctors and related medical experts. But, no matter how much you are convinced about the goodness of this method, it is important that you remember to check the side-effects of it as well. After all, every coin has two sides.

Hair Transplants surely help you fight baldness and look beautiful with natural hair growth on your head. But, it all comes at a price you need to pay to look good and have a healthy hair growth. Here below are 10 side-effects of the hair transplant procedures that you should be aware about before undergoing the therapy.

  1. Thinning: After you undergo the hair transplant process, you might see your hair growing thinner than what it was earlier. This is a normal post-operative condition which occurs in all individuals. However, your natural hair growth and thickness will come back after a few months.
  2. Bleeding: No matter whether you undergo the FUE or FUT procedure, you will suffer from a little bleeding. In very rare conditions, the bleeding continues for unknown reasons. In such cases, the surgeon closes the wounds with stitches and prevents the bleeding.
  3. Pain: Hair Transplant is a painful procedure. Even after the treatment, you may suffer from a little pain in the donor area and also the grafted area. In order to ease the pain, doctors usually prescribe pain killers like Tylenol for the first few days.
  4. Itchiness: After the hair transplant procedure, itchiness is a sure side-effect, particularly on the, particularly on the areas operated. In order to treat this itchiness, doctors usually prescribe medicated shampoos that help keep the scalp clean and also itch free.
  5. Numbness: People undergoing the hair transplant procedure usually complain of feeling numbness in the operated area. This may however last for a few weeks after the transplant has been performed.
  6. Swelling: Swelling in the forehead is one of the major side-effects of a hair transplant surgery. You may experience swelling for the first few days which slowly decreases with the passing time.
  7. Hiccups: This is one of the rarest side-effects of a hair transplant process. Only 5% of the people undergoing a hair transplant surgery suffer from hiccups which last for a few days. This results into problems in eating, sleeping and doing regular activities.
  8. Scarring: All surgeries leave behind scars that stay on our body for a lifetime. Hair transplant is also a surgery and causes keloid scarring. However, it happens more frequently in people with a genetic structure inclined more towards it.
  9. Infection: Suffering from hair transplant related infections is one of the most common side-effect of the transplant procedure. In order to keep them at bay, doctors prescribe amples of medications and antibiotics which help enhance the healing process and helps stay free from infections.
  10. Cysts: The recipient area may also suffer from small cyst formations that are almost the size of small facial pimples. These cysts last for a few weeks before clearing the scalp that has undergone the procedure of hair transplant.

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