Pros and Cons of Hair Transplants

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Who doesn’t want beautiful hair on their head? Hair is one of the most important features of our body that have the ability to change your looks completely. But, unfortunately not all are blessed with a healthy hair growth on the head. A large number of people suffer from balding at some point of time which causes them great embarrassment. However, with the help of hair transplant procedures, balding is no longer a worry for people who want to look perfect at all times. But are hair transplant procedures safe? Do they have possible pros and cons? Questions like these immediately creep up in our minds after you plan to undergo a hair transplant procedure.

Here, in this article we will stress more on understanding the pros and cons of the transplant procedures. This will further help you decide whether you want to undergo the procedure or not.

Pros of Hair Transplant Treatment

  • You will have natural looking hair on your scalp again, without any signs of the surgery (unless it is FUT).
  • The procedure is performed with a lot of care and expertise and hence, the results are guaranteed.
  • There are no side-effects apart from those of the surgery, as you are yourself the donor for the hair grafts.
  • The process is simple and has no complications, unless you have chosen to undergo the treatment with too many grafts.
  • The procedure is cost-effective, especially if you want to look good naturally. It is also the best option available as compared to the other artificial procedures such as sprays, application oils, etc.
  • The surgery is done under local anesthesia and so is safe for your health.
  • The hair that grows back is uniform and remains intact for a long time.

Cons of Hair Transplant Treatment

  • Hair transplant is an expensive treatment. So, before you choose to go for it, make sure you analyze the consequences with your doctor thoroughly.
  • It is a time-occupying procedure and so, you need to take a leave from your work.
  • In case the procedure is not performed by an expert, scarring may happen.
  • The side-effects are basically due to the surgery. However they get treated in a small time period.
  • If proper precautions are not followed by the patient, the entire process can be a failure as well. Particularly for people who smoke and drink.

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