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Hair Growth! After you undergo a hair transplant procedure, you might be eagerly looking forward to your new hair growth on the bald area of your head. Looking young and with dense healthy hair seems like a dream almost accomplished. However, your dream may shatter easily if you don’t take proper precautions after your transplant.
Hair transplant
Hair transplant needs proper post-procedure care. If followed rightly, you will be rewarded with great hair growth and a younger appearance.

Here are precautions that you need to take care for, after the hair transplant procedure.

  • Take prescribed medications After the procedure or surgery, you need to be very careful with the scar on your head. Take the prescribed medications to reduce inflammation and swelling. The medications will help reduce scalp irritation and allow it to heal faster.
  • Avoid sun exposure Don’t go out in the sun soon after your transplant. Your new hair may take a few weeks to grow, but until then, make sure you avoid sun exposure as it may cause irritation to the scar on your scalp.
  • Keep head elevated Post surgery, the skin on your scalp may suffer from certain irritation and swelling. This swelling may increase if you keep your head flat on any surface. Hence, it is best to sleep with at least 2 pillows or on a comfortable reclining chair.
  • No alcohol and smoke Consumption of alcohol is highly restricted after any surgery as it affects the blood supply in our body. Similarly, smoking diverts the body’s red blood cells to the lungs instead of the head and slows down the healing procedure. Hence, if you want a faster and better recovery form the surgery, it is essential that you avoid both alcohol and smoke for at least a month.
  • Don’t scratch your transplant After the hair transplant surgery, it is very much evitable that you may suffer from scalp irritation and itchiness. Scratching your head may lead to certain infections which can be harmful for your health and also the transplant.
  • Keep the transplant clean In order to keep away from infections, make sure you clean your scalp regularly. Wash your head with warm water gently. Avoid scrubbing or using of any type of product on your hair that has not been prescribed by your doctor. Use a mild shampoo as provided by your doctor to cleanse your hair and scalp.
  • No physical activities Exercising or other strenuous physical activities cause sweating. After your hair transplant procedure, make sure you don’t undergo any exercise regimes or go for a steam or sauna bath. They may increase the chances of catching an infection on your scalp.
  • Avoid spicy food. Eat healthy and a properly balanced diet. Avoid eating spicy food as it may cause unnecessary reactions in the body which interfere with the transplant’s healing process. Eat only mild and highly nutritious food for a better and faster recovery.

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