Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for skilled and economical hair transplant surgery. One of the best things about choosing Turkey for a hair transplant is that it is also an ideal holiday location. Many of the hair transplant clinics that are available for English speaking clients are located in the historic city of Istanbul. This is a wonderful place to visit in its own right and if you can combine your holiday in Istanbul with a good value hair transplant then you can probably pay for the holiday out of the savings in the surgery cost compared to the U.K.

There is more to Turkey than Istanbul

There is much more to Turkey than Istanbul, with its mosques, the historic Sultanahmet district, covered market and the Bosporus. There is a huge wealth of historic sites, including world heritage listed Troy as well as the Mediterranean coast with its almost guaranteed sunny, summer weather. Izmir and Ankara also have a good number of hair transplant clinics. You may also be able to find a smaller number of suitable hair transplant clinics in popular coastal centres like Antalya and Fethiye.

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is almost always as modern and effective as in any hair transplant clinic at home. If in doubt, most hair transplant clinics in Turkey have a website which can be accessed for further information about the procedures offered, costs and will also feature reviews from those who have used the service. Unbiased reviews are often the best source of information about the better clinics to go to.

Check out all inclusive packages

Some hair transplant clinics offer an all inclusive package: air fares, accommodation and surgery. Whether the all inclusive deals are any cheaper or better than making your own arrangements to book air travel and accommodation are debatable. Air fares to Turkey are relatively cheap, depending on seasonal changes. Several low cost airlines serve major destinations in Turkey from UK airports including Ryan Air, Easy Jet and Thomas Cook Airlines. The cost of accommodation in Turkey is quite low compared to the U.K. with a good standard three star hotel costing around 50 to 75% of the cost of a comparable British one, including a delightful Turkish style breakfast.

Hair transplant procedures the same in Turkey as the U.K.

Standards in most reputable hair transplant clinics are comparable with those in the U.K. The types of modern hair transplant surgery used are identical. The two most common methods involve removing whole hair follicles including the existing hairs as well as a small piece of intact skin. The least invasive method is follicular unit extraction or FUE. This method involves removing single hair follicles and inserting them one a t a time into the part of the head that is bare. Several hundreds or thousands of hairs can be transplanted in a single session. The hair is normally removed from what is known as the donor area, which is usually the back or the sides of the head.

A more effective method, but one that can involve more potential scarring is called follicular unit transplantation or FUT. This method involves removing several follicles at a time embedded in a strip of skin. The skin is cut out with the follicles still attached and then transplanted to the recipient site on the head. Because several hairs – usually 4 -6 at a time are transplanted at any one time, the method tends to have a slightly higher success rate than FUE.

Whatever the transplantation method used, a local anaesthetic will ensure that there will be minimal pain involved.

Turkey is an ideal destination if you want to take advantage of advanced hair transplant surgery in a beautiful and historic location at economical prices.

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