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Hair Transplant Clinics in Southampton

Hair TransplantsAre you experiencing hair loss and are worried about being bald or having hair that feels too thin? Many people feel more comfortable with normal hair cover and can now take the opportunity to regain the hair that they might have had when they were younger with a hair transplant procedure available in Southampton. There are several hair transplant clinics in Southampton and these make it worthwhile for those who live nearby to the city because it means they don’t have to travel far to get their surgery completed.

Hair transplants are nothing like the procedures used even a decade or two ago and you certainly shouldn’t confuse them with chemical treatments using creams and lotions that you still sometimes see advertised. They are surgical procedures accomplished by NHS trained surgeons with specialised training in hair transplant methods. They are painless and provide a solution to hair loss in all but the completely bald, whether you are a man or a woman.

Explaining how hair can be regained using hair transplant surgery

Hair grows out of a tiny organ in the skin called a follicle. The follicle is supplied with its own nerve endings and blood supply. There are many reasons why someone can start to lose their own hair, which range from inherited genes, to accidents and illness. Generally, it is far more common for men to go bald, but paradoxically, hair transplant surgery can be often more effective in men than women because their hair is naturally thicker. Whatever the hair extent on a person’s head as long as there is a good potential donor base then these healthy hairs can be transferred to a part of the head that needs them. Hairs are transplanted one at a time or in groups of 4 or more, together with the skin and follicles in which they were growing. The recipient part of the head will be punctured very delicately and the hairs and follicles inserted into these small incisions with a special instrument.

Recipients can normally see the results of their transplant within weeks and will be delighted to know that the new hair can be treated like any other hair on their head.

Hair transplant surgery is quite painless as an anaesthetic is used during the procedure, but each session can be quite long, especially if hairs are transplanted one at a time.

Assessing the cost of a transplant

The cost of a hair transplant procedure should be discussed when you go to your initial consultation. You will need to be assessed visually for a realistic quote as the cost depends principally on the time it takes to transplant sufficient hair to achieve a good chance of re-growth. Hair transplants are rarely available on the NHS, so you are normally relying on a private hair transplant clinic in Southampton. Costs can range from £1,500 for single session up to £7,000 or more for multiple sessions.

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