Hair Transplant Prices in Kingston-upon-Hull

Hair Transplant PricesKingston-Upon-Hull is a busy university city on the river Humber and is a great place to get a hair transplant because the prices are far below those in London.

The price of a hair transplant depends entirely on the amount of hair that needs replacing. Some surgeons charge as little as 71 pence per hair follicle, but don’t think this sounds cheap as to fully cover a bald patch several thousand hairs may be required! How much a hair transplant cost is based on the amount of hair that is to be transplanted. It normally starts at around £1,500 for a transplant that will have a noticeable effect on the amount of hair on your head.

Hair transplant Prices on the NHS

It’s very difficult to get hair transplantation on the NHS unless your hair loss is caused by cancer or an injury such as severe burning that has removed hair growth from part of your head.  If you think you qualify for an NHS subsidised hair transplant procedure you should discuss your situation with your GP who will know if he or she can recommend you for a free hair transplant otherwise, financially, you are on your own.

Once you have made the decision to go ahead with a hair transplant and you live or wish to have the procedure undertaken in Kingston-Upon-Hull then you should never go for the cheapest hair transplant clinic but you should visit a reputable online website such as which lists reputable hair transplant clinics in Kingston-Upon-Hull, which can enable you to get information about Hair Transplant Prices in Kingston-upon-Hull.

How pricing is decided

Generally, a hair transplant is based on the total number of single hair grafts that are needed to conceal that bald patch. This is also dependent on the amount of thick, healthy hair that can be used as a donor site. It’s no use taking too many hairs from an area that is thick with them only to find that area has become denuded as a result.

Once the decision has been made after consultation with your chosen hair transplant clinic then a quote can be provided based on the number of hairs that will be required. Getting the job done in one appointment is going to work out more cost effective than if several appointments are required.

Complications of surgery

It is important to remember that a hair transplant is a surgical procedure, so if there are any complications such as an infection developing then there may be more costs associated with further visits to your specialist

If you are concerned by the thinning taking place on your head or turning bald then any risks associated with a transplant will far outweigh the gains you will make from the increase in your self esteem and hoe you feel in the presence of others. Price, of course, matters but if you choose your surgeon wisely and check Hair Transplant Prices in Kingston-upon-Hull carefully then you are typically going to gain from that new head of hair.

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