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Hair Transplant Clinics in Newcastle

hair lossDo you suffer from baldness or thinning hair? Have you despaired of ever having a normal head of hair as you might have had when you were younger? Have you tried chemical treatments and found they didn’t work? You may be relieved to know that hair transplant surgery is now a commonplace procedure which is available at a hair transplant clinic in Newcastle near you. As long as you are not completely bald and still have an area from which a surgeon can extract healthy hair, you should be able to regain your youthful looks after a single session at a clinic or several sessions if you need a lot of transplanting.

Modern techniques have long replaced older techniques and outdated chemical cures. Transplants today are based on scientific principles and performed by highly qualified surgeons, who often started with NHS training.

Although hair transplants are rarely available on the NHS, they can be performed at private clinics across Newcastle and elsewhere in the country at a price. Book a consultation at a hair transplant clinic to find out more and get a quote for the cost of a hair transplant.

A painless procedure

Hair transplantation has become quite sophisticated and involves the movement of hair and associated tissue from one part of the scalp to another. The donor area, as it is called, is chosen to provide an area that is well endowed with normal healthy hair. Hair follicles – which are embedded in the skin – are removed, either individually or in groups, and inserted into small cuts made in the balder part of the head. The procedure may sound painful but the pain is avoided through the use of a local anaesthetic during the transplantation.

Transplant sessions may take several hours at a time, especially if the less invasive and gentler method of removing single follicles is chosen. This procedure is favoured by those who prefer to have less scarring in their donor areas and a faster recovery time. Transplanting several follicles at once tends to be more effective but the downside is that it takes a little longer for the areas of the scalp that are the source areas to heal up.

Costs vary depending on the needs of the recipient

As has already been explained, hair transplants, because they are normally not a result of a disease or an accident, are normally unavailable on the NHS. This does mean that the cost of a transplant can seem expensive at first. The final cost will depend on the degree of baldness and therefore the time that will be needed for an effective transplantation. You can get a rough idea of costs by thinking in terms of £1,500 upwards for a single session.

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