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Hair Transplant Clinics in London

hair lossHair transplant clinics across London offer a real opportunity for men and women who have experienced baldness or thinning of their hair to regain a full head of normal hair. Hair transplant procedures are now very much more advanced than when they first began in the 1980s. Recipients are able to see the results of a hair transplant procedure within weeks of attending their first session and the whole process can be completed with very little pain.

Hair transplants are surgical procedures. They do not involve magical cures with creams and herbal remedies. They have developed through medical advances and scientific breakthroughs which allow the successful transplantation of whole hair follicles with live hair roots and accompanying skin from one part of the head to another. Hair transplant clinics in London should be contacted for an initial consultation to find out how long a procedure might take.

Hair transplants the modern way

Hair transplant clinics in London use a number of tried and tested surgical procedures to enable successful re-growth of hair on a part of the scalp where hair has either stopped growing or is too thin. Usually, hair from a healthier part of the scalp –usually the back or sides – is taken and inserted into small incisions on the bald or thinning areas. The surgeon will first remove single follicles or groups of follicles with an attached strip of skin and transplant these into the balding region. The follicles might be inserted one at a time using a specialised microsurgical instrument or implanted 4 at a time.

A local anaesthetic is used to minimise any pain during and after the surgery. The donor area with small areas that are sewn up may be a little sore for a while but soon recovers.

It is rare to feel any pain in the recipient area where the new hairs are placed with great care to resemble the existing hairs in density and angle of orientation.

The new hair will start to grow quite quickly – after a week or two and after a few months you will notice a great improvement on your original appearance. The new hair will continue to grow as long as you live and can be cut, shampooed or brushed just like any existing hair – it is nothing like a wig!

The costs of hair transplants

It is difficult for a hair transplant clinic in London to give a realistic quotation for the cost of a hair transplant without actually seeing the extent of your baldness and discussing with you what your preferences for treatment are. Much will depend on how invasive a method you are prepared to accept during surgery, how long each session will take and how many repeat visits are needed. Hair transplants are not usually available on the NHS if they are a cosmetic procedure. They may be available if there has been hair loss because of disease or an accident. Private hair transplant surgery can cost anything between £1,500 and £7,000 or more.

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