Hair Transplant in Liverpool

Hair Transplant LiverpoolLiverpool is a port city in the north west of England, brought to fame by the iconic 1960’s pop group, the Beatles. It has everything to offer for both young and old and there is no better place for getting a Hair Transplant Liverpool. There is an abundance of restaurants serving traditional northern English fair, as well as a host of theatres for that night out to show off the new head of hair from that hair transplant investment. 

Hair transplants and the NHS

If you are from overseas don’t expect to get a free hair transplant, but there are a host of private hair transplant clinics offering the procedure at very competitive prices in Liverpool. If you are a U.K. citizen it’s unlikely that the NHS will pay for a transplant unless you have been traumatised in some way and have lost some of your hair. This could be as a result of an injury or cancer.

Why you need a donor area

One of the requirements to be eligible for a hair transplant is at least having some hair left on your head that is reasonably healthy. This is what is called the donor area for your hair transplant. Men are often more suitable for hair transplants than women as if a man is starting to go bald there is often an area at the back of the head that is still reasonably thick and acts as a good donor area.

Conversely, women don’t tend to lose their hair completely in one area but their hair tends to thin out over their whole head as they age so if a bare patch does develop it’s difficult to find a good area of donor hair to replace any hair lost. However, in recent years experimentation in hair transplant techniques has made it easier to transplant hair from one place to another in women allowing the procedure to take place in 5% of women who show an interest in the procedure.

When women can expect a hair transplant to be easier

If women have experienced hair loss as a result of mechanical alopecia which is not hormonally related or traction or the hair loss has taken place in a similar manner to male hair loss then hair transplants can be more easily considered and success is more likely.

Whether you are male or female you should arrange an appointment with an experienced Hair Transplant in Liverpool clinic who will assess the condition of your baldness and decide if a hair transplant is likely to be successful. You can obtain a list of reputable hair transplant clinics from

There is no better way than rebuilding your self esteem and confidence from a hair loss experience than having a hair transplant which within a matter of weeks can transform your self confidence for ever. Considering the significant impact a hair transplant can have the financial investment is worth every penny.

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