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Hair Transplant Clinics in Leeds

full hairAre you looking for a way to get a full head of hair back? Modern hair transplant clinics in Leeds are able to do just that. Hair transplant surgery is now able to take healthy hair from the back of your head or anywhere where it still grows and transplant it on to places on your head where your hair has become thinner or where you are bald. The transplanted hair is able to take root and spread giving you the opportunity to regain what you lost. You can cut or shampoo your new hair when it grows, just like normal hair. The only thing that can’t be done is to transplant hair from someone else and if you are completely bald there is no way that you can have your hair restored, either.

What happens in hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant clinics in Leeds can offer two main types of hair transplant technique. When you go for an initial consultation these will be discussed with you and you can choose to opt for one or the other depending on your preferences. The differences are not that huge as they depend mostly on the number of hairs that are removed from what is called the donor area of your scalp: the place which is the source of the transplanted hair.

The more effective of the two methods is to remove a strip of skin with its hairs and hair roots – the follicles – still attached. This is cut into smaller pieces which are transferred on to the empty parts of your scalp with specialised instruments that make minute cuts in the skin to enable insertion of the transplanted follicles.

Another method involves removing individual hair follicles with something that looks like a hypodermic syringe. Many hundreds or even thousands can be transplanted individually in a single session.

The surgery is entirely painless because a local anaesthetic is used on the areas of the scalp used in the transplanting procedure. The area may feel a little sore afterwards, especially the donor area, but it soon wears off and you will notice how fast the transplanted hair takes root and then starts to grow and multiply.

Hair transplant costs in Leeds

Hair transplants are not cheap procedures. They will not be readily available on the NHS unless there are very convincing circumstances. Like many other cosmetic procedures, you will need to use a private hair transplant surgeon to do the transplanting. Costs vary from procedure to procedure. This can be discussed with your clinic when you go for your consultation. The cost depends a lot on how long the transplantation takes place and this is related to the number of hairs involved and the extent of your bald or thinned area. You can expect to pay a minimum of around £1,500 for a shorter procedure with costs going up to £7,000 or more for longer procedures.

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