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Hair Transplant in Ireland

Hair transplant procedures can be carried out in many well appointed clinics across Ireland with the majority located in the endearing city of Dublin. These clinics are available to anyone – male or female of any age who has lost some or most of their hair or has thinning hair. Modern hair transplant procedures in Ireland are of international standard and are carried out using up to date and pain free methods. Hair transplant recipients are able to see the results of their hair transplant surgery within a few weeks of completion of the procedure.

Modern hair transplant surgery at a clinic in Ireland follows current scientific and medical breakthroughs in surgical procedures. Hair restoration through hair transplantation does not involve magical cures using creams and lotions. It is a procedure that does away with wigs and toupees and allows people who have experienced balding and hair loss to recover a more youthful head of hair.

Hair transplants in Ireland use tried and tested procedures

Hair is normally selected for transplantation form an area on the recipient’s scalp where it is still growing in abundance. Hair transplants are not possible for completely bald people as yet because a donor area is necessary. Transplants from another person’s head are not technically feasible. It is usual for the person who is considering a hair transplant to visit the Irish clinic for a consultation first. This will allow the surgeon to examine the recipients head and discuss their preferences for treatment.

FUE or FUT – what’s the difference?

The two most common procedures used in hair transplant surgery in Ireland are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Both basically involve removing whole hair follicles from the donor area on the head and inserting them in another area of the scalp that is bare of hair.

FUE is regarded as the less invasive of the two techniques, but does take a little longer than FUT. FUE involves single hair follicle extractions with each hair, together with a very small piece of surrounding skin removed carefully with a specialised instrument and then embedded in the transplant area with something that looks like a hypodermic needle. The procedure is repeated time and time again so that there may be hundreds of hairs transplanted in a single session, which could last several hours.

With FUT, a small, narrow strip of skin is removed, containing several hair follicles. The incision is delicately sewn up again afterwards and the skin section divided up into smaller pieces. These pieces that might hold only 4 hair follicles each is then inserted onto the transplant area in a similar way to FUE.

In both procedures, a local anaesthetic is used to minimise any pain involved. With FUT, it is best to apply a small bandage for a time on the donor areas that have been used.

The new hair will begin to grow back after several weeks and will recreate a hair growth appearance much like it would have looked before hair loss started. Hair transplant surgery is normally very successful and hair should continue to grow for the rest of the recipient’s lifetime.

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