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Hair Transplant Clinics in Nottingham

There are many places in the UK where hair transplants can take place and Nottingham is one of those destinations. This East Midlands city has a great atmosphere and the hair transplant clinics in the city have built up an enviable reputation for their skill, speed and efficiency in handling thousands of successful hair transplants.

You can arrange a no obligation consultation with a NHS trained hair transplant specialist who will suggest a suitable programme to suit your requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female – there is a solution for your head available.

Male Pattern Baldness Easier to Treat

Men’s baldness has, in the past, been easier to treat as the patient nearly always has an area situated on their head that has sufficient hair to be a donor site for the bald patches. Women tend to go through a hair thinning process which does not necessarily mean there is a suitable bushy area remaining that makes a good donor site.

Many hair transplant clinics in Nottingham are offering third generation FUE hair transplants. First of all, a digital scan is used to select the strongest and healthiest donor follicles before the hair transplant process begins. Once they have been selected, individual hair follicles are extracted separately, through the use of a micro-extractor. The hair transplant surgeon will wear ‘loupes glasses’ which are characterised by their high magnification.

Each of the hair follicles is positioned meticulously into areas of the head that are absent of hair of hair patented implanter pen. The hair transplant doctor will use an implanter pen which is a precision instrument used to transplant the hair which also imitates the direction and angle of the hair that still remains on the recipient’s head.

At hair transplant clinics in Nottingham hair transplants are simple and painless and healing of the donor area takes no more than 5 days. There is no risk of damaging nerves in the procedure and the new hairs will grow naturally with significant hair re growth becoming visible by 16 weeks. The process has been so well practised that up to 5,000 hairs can be completed daily.

Before attending your first appointment at a hair transplant clinic in Nottingham for this 3rd generation procedure you should follow the guidelines below in order to minimise the likelihood of bleeding.

  • You must not take aspirin or any similar anti-inflammatory drug for 2 weeks before treatment commences.
  • You must not take vitamins E or B for 1 week before treatment commences.
  • You must not consume alcohol for 3 days before treatment commences.

Preparations on Transplant Day

  • Wash your hair with ordinary shampoo but use no additional sprays or gels.
  • Don’t wear clothing that has to be pulled over the head.
  • Don’t drink caffeinated beverages like coffee on the day.

On arrival at a hair transplant clinic in Nottingham you will be asked what type of sedative you would prefer. Many clinics offer valium.  A local anaesthetic is applied to the scalp and when it is completely numb the transplant procedure will be totally painless.

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