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Hair Transplant Clinics in Bristol

Do you have a balding head? Would you feel more confident and happier to have your natural hair restored? You can now take advantage of up to date twenty first century hair restoration techniques that make use of successful hair transplant surgery and can result in a much thicker and more natural hair supply. There are a number of very good hair transplant clinics in Bristol and you can get an idea of how long a procedure might take and how effective it would be by having an initial consultation with a surgeon at one of these clinics.

How does hair transplantation work?

hair problemMany people find that their hair naturally gets thinner as they age or is lost entirely from one part of their head. Usually, it is the top and front of the head that loses its hair first and unfortunately this is the most noticeable part. Unless you are totally bald, there is usually sufficient healthy hair to act as a donor area for the emptier part of the scalp. There are a number of transplant techniques which can be used. These will be explained to you during your visit to the clinic, but they basically all involve removing healthy whole hair follicles from one region of the scalp and inserting them into an area free of hair. The transplanted follicles will start to grow in the new space quite quickly and will normally produce hair as long as the person lives.

Most recipients are advised to abstain from certain things before the day of surgery at the hair transplant clinic in Bristol, especially alcohol and anti–inflammatory drugs. The surgeon may work for several hours at a time on the recipient’s scalp and the procedure may be all over in a single visit or take several visits, depending on the extent of the baldness and the recovery times in between.

The area from which hair is removed –normally the rear or the sides of the scalp – is most affected during surgery and it will take a little time for this part of the head to recover. The small pieces of skin containing healthy follicles are transplanted piece by piece into the skin at the front or top of the head. The donor areas are patched up by sewing the flaps of skin together carefully, while normally little is needed t be done in the newly transplanted areas.

The transplanted hair will grow quite quickly and in no time at all, the recipient will experience the benefit of their hair transplant surgery.

The cost of a hair transplant in Bristol

Hair transplants are not a standard procedure under the NHS, unless the hair has been lost as a result of disease, therapy or accident. Most hair transplants across the country are arranged by attending a private clinic. The costs do vary somewhat from person to person simply because the amount of time involved depends on the extent of the transplanted area and the preferences of the recipient. As a rule of thumb, the thinner or balder the head, the more it is going to cost. The costs can range from a low of £1,500 for a single visit up to £7,000 or more, if multiple visits are required.

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