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hair transplantBradford is a large industrial city in the north of England bordering the Pennines. It is not only a university city but it boasts all the services that anyone could want including Hair Transplant Bradford. If you live in Bradford and you are seriously considering a hair transplant to build your self confidence then has a list of successful hair transplant clinics that have built up an enviable reputation in the last decade. If you are from an overseas country or another city in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland you will be delighted by the great value for money in Bradford not only for hair transplants but for hotels and shopping too. You will be certainly saving your pounds if you choose Bradford for your hair transplant.

Why have a hair transplant in Bradford?

There are a number of reasons why hair loss takes place including age, genetics and a trauma but no one likes to stand out and reveal their premature baldness. Everyone has the desire to feel healthy and appear healthy too. Many people look at someone’s hair to gain a window on the person. When young your hair is often quite considerable in length and consistency but as you age it thins and becomes less easy to style and look attractive.  When distinctive bald patches start to appear particularly if you are male you may be able to put an end to it by having a hair transplant.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a type of surgery that entails removing a narrow section of the scalp that has sufficient hair and then making use of it to populate a part of the head which has nothing at all, or only a few wisps remaining.

The simplicity of a hair transplant means that the majority of them take place in a doctor’s surgery and only a local anaesthetic is necessary.

How a transplant takes place

Hair transplanting requires the surgeon thoroughly cleans the scalp, and then injects a local anaesthetic to numb the area. A strip of scalp, between 3 and 4 inches in length is then removed. Once it has been carefully extracted with the utmost precision it is put aside by the surgeon while the space is stitched. This area will be concealed by surrounding hair.

This strip of scalp contains between 500 and 2,000 possible grafts with a single hair in each one. Sometimes a group of hairs makes up a single graft. The number of grafts required and the type of graft will be dependent on the type of hair and quality as well as its colour.

Once the grafts are ready, the hair transplant surgeon will clean and numb the area to ensure the chance of success of the transplant. Small holes will be made using a needle or scalpel and the grafts will be inserted into each of the individual holes. The surgeon must be very precise as how the transplant is inserted will affect how natural the hair will look. The expected time to complete a relatively straightforward hair transplant will be between 4 and 8 hours to complete. If thicker hair is required further appointments will be necessary.

Once the transplant has been finished the scalp will feel sensitive for a while but over the counter painkillers can relieve these symptoms. It will take a few weeks before the transplanted hair shows its true effects

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