Hair Transplant Abroad

Hair transplants have become common these days especially for balding or bald men. In the United Kingdom the procedure is not usually covered by the NHS and can seem quite expensive unless you are a pop star or someone who has acquired wealth with particular ease. This doesn’t necessarily stop people who have determination to rid themselves of unsightly baldness and they often choose to have a hair transplant abroad in order to rid themselves of baldness. In countries such as India, Thailand, and Argentina, the pound will go a lot further for a hair transplant than in Britain. This makes the procedures a lot more accessible for those who are not so wealthy.

Performing Hair Transplant Abroad

When performing a hair transplant, surgeons have to remove hair follicles from one part of the body which is often referred to as the donor site and they are then transplanted at the recipient site. This, of course, is the scalp which is the commonest place for a hair transplant procedure. As it is a relatively simple procedure it is the best option for the treating of baldness.

As it is normally an outpatient procedure it will be necessary if you choose to have your transplant abroad to ensure you have suitable accommodation arranged while the treatment is taking place. A localized anesthesia is normally used so you will need to ensure that the place you choose to stay at is comfortable and close tom your chosen clinic.

What is the procedure of hair transplantation

The procedure usually begins with the surgeon harvesting a strip of hair, while nurses remove extra fatty tissue from the area surrounding the follicles so that the area is suitable for transplanting. The surgeon then ensures that minimal scarring takes place at the donor site as possible and before moving on to transplanting the hair to the recipient site. The surgeon will lightly puncture the recipient site and he or she will then insert the hair follicles in the correct positions. It is important that the angle is right otherwise the transplant will not look natural.

Once the transplant has been completed the patient does not require constant supervision as the bandages only need to be changed daily. After about a week or so following the procedure, the transplanted hair will start to make way for the new hair to grow. If you choose to have the procedure completed abroad due to the cost then you should ensure that you give yourself enough time to confirm that the hair transplant has been successful. In most there is only the smallest chance that the transplant might be rejected so you must make sure that if you are uncertain about the success of your transplant procedure that your surgeon is available to explain the situation to you.

Choosing to have the hair transplant procedure done abroad can save you a considerable amount of money and if you choose a nice destination you can combine your cosmetic surgery with a magical holiday too. Don’t forget to ensure you get detailed instructions of care for your new hair transplant before you come back home.

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