Female Hair Transplants

The number of women seeking hair transplant surgery is on the rise in Britain and elsewhere in the world. Women may not appear to become as bald as quickly as men, but hair loss and especially hair thinning is an issue for many women, especially as they get older. It is estimated that two thirds of all women experience some form of hair loss as they get older.

Hair loss in women can be a result of a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s down to genetics: inheritance can see thinning hair passed on through the generations.

Stress can be a major reason for hair loss in women

Women who are in highly stressful occupations can experience hair loss, but some of the most common reasons are an underlying medical problem such as anaemia, polycystic ovaries and hormonal disorders.

Women hair lossHair transplant clinics advise women who have experienced hair loss and are considering a hair transplant to determine what has been the cause of their hair loss before they opt for transplant surgery. It would be a tragedy to spend time and money on surgery only to discover that all that new hair disappears again because a particular health problem has not been addressed.

Celebrity hair transplants have been good publicity

One of the reasons why more women are seeking hair transplants and at a younger age as well is that the procedure has become more successful as well as better publicised. There have been a number of well known personalities – film stars and sports personalities – who have made having a hair transplant not only possible but desirable. This sort of publicity seems to have led to a spurt in the number of people, women included who are now considering the advantages of restoring their hair.

Since 2011, there has been an astonishing 80% increase in the number of women wanting to have a hair transplant with the average age of women having surgery being 39.

Women can have the same type of surgery as men

The same types of hair transplant procedures are available to women as men. Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is one of the most common types of hair transplant surgery available. This technique involves moving single hair follicles together with a tiny area of the surrounding skin and transplanting it into a part of the head that is particularly thin on hair. A single transplant session could involve hundreds or thousands of follicles transplanted.

Some hair transplant procedures for women may only need a single session but if a lot of hair is needed to be transplanted then several sessions may be needed. If this is the case then a hair transplant clinic close to one’s own home is the best solution as it avoids transport and accommodation costs. The other option is to consider having a transplant as part of an overall holiday. You just choose a part of the country that you want to go on holiday too and find a clinic in that area. That means you can enjoy the holiday and have your hair transplant at the same time.

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