Hair Removal

Many people think that if some areas of the body are hairy and can be seen by others that this is unacceptable. All efforts are made to eliminate unsightly hair. The commonest treatments at home are shaving, plucking, hair removal creams and waxing. All the implements for these kinds of DIY treatments are available at your local chemist but none of them is long lasting and repeated treatment is necessary at regular intervals. Also, if your skin is particularly sensitive it may react to razor use, waxing or cream treatments.

Shaving is the best option for arm, leg and facial hair. Care should be taken, though, as it can sometimes cause ingrown hairs to occur, particularly in the pubic area.


Plucking can be painful but is good for the removal of a few hairs, e.g. reshaping eyebrows, or for extracting a few rogue hairs that have appeared on the face but it is not suitable for larger areas as scarring could be the outcome.

Use of Creams

Hair removal creams can be obtained in the UK without a prescription and they contain chemicals that dissolve the hair above the layer of skin. There are different types available for different parts of the body. They may not be suitable for people who are prone to allergic reactions. A small area should be treated first to ensure the skin is compatible.

Hot Waxing

Hot waxing is possible as a DIY procedure and packs are available from your local chemist, but it is often painful and messy. An infection is a possible side effect and if the wax is extremely hot it could burn. If acne creams are being used, such as Retin-A, the skin can break off if hot wax is applied. If you have been recommended this hair removal method you can go to a hair removal clinic and get a professional job done. This is not a permanent hair removal procedure and will need to be repeated as the need arises.

Laser Hair Removal

This is a long term hair removal method requiring four or more treatments and it is when a laser beam eliminates the hair bulb. This is an expensive treatment and it can be quite painful, but it is possible to use it all over the body to eradicate unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal techniques are effective and fast and often the treatment is permanent building up the confidence of people who no longer have to put hair removal on their daily list of chores.

There are different types of laser treatment – one of which is called Alexandrite laser. This is particularly effective at handling dark hair that grows on fair skin and normally offers permanent or long term hair reduction.

A laser called a long pulsed NdYAG is particularly safe for use with people who have darker skins and those who have coarse dark hair but is not so good with finer hair. White or blonde hair cannot be treated through the use of a laser.

How Many Treatments are required?

In order to gain maximum control of your hair you will need between 4 and 6 treatments. After that, most people get top up treatments one or two times a year which ensures minimal hair growth.

Requirements for Laser Treatment

It will be necessary to take care of your skin after each laser treatment session but the redness, which is often a reaction to hair removal, will normally all but disappear within a day or two. However, you should apply a strong sun block on the treated area before and following a course of laser treatment and any type of artificial sun tanning methods should not be used.

If you are heavily suntanned it will be necessary to delay any hair removal treatment until the skin has recovered.

It would be unusual to get funding from the NHS for laser hair removal unless your situation is particularly serious and is affecting your ability to lead an ordinary life. Otherwise, you will have to attend a private laser treatment clinic.

When you attend a laser hair removal clinic for the first time you will be offered a ‘test patch’, which will indicate how you respond to the removal of hair through laser treatment. If it is clear that you react well to laser treatment then a treatment programme will be recommended to you. Hair removal laser treatments start at about £59 per session.

There are many DIY remedies for hair removal but if you are looking for a professional to treat your unwanted hair problem and change your life forever then you can find a reputable hair removal clinic listed at

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