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Many of us dread having to go the dentist not so much because it can be an uncomfortable experience but the amount of money it costs. Many people, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, look around for cheaper options abroad, rather than using their UK dentist. There are countries not far from the UK, such as Turkey and Bulgaria, which do offer dental services at very competitive prices. People even travel to places like Phuket in Thailand and combine a tropical beach holiday with dental treatment.

There are without a doubt some attractive deals abroad that make dental treatment affordable and seem more like a holiday and not a chore. Unfortunately it is not always like that and you shouldn’t be too confident about putting your money in your mouth abroad until you have done extensive research into treatment options.

Drawbacks of Going Abroad for Dental Treatment

For a start you can’t necessarily guarantee that you will get the best dental products put in your mouth in countries abroad as in the UK health standards are strict and monitored. The rigid standards in relation to the materials used in dental implants, veneers and even the common filling are guaranteed to not contain any dangerous substances and your dentist will answer any questions that may concern you. This is just honest consumer information. There is no guarantee if you choose to go to a non-English speaking country that you will be able to communicate your concerns.

A second point you should be aware of is that many dental procedures even cosmetic ones do require routine check-ups to make sure that all is going well. It might be a long journey back to that dentist abroad if you get a toothache or a dental implant falls out. Your UK dentist is always close at hand.

Dental Implants Abroad

Many people choose to go abroad to get dental implants fitted due to the cost of the procedure at home, butthe success of this procedure, to some extent, depends on the material used. There are some products which are better than others andthese days titanium has shown to be both resilient and biocompatible with the human bone. Once the implant has been fixed in place it mimics the natural roots of the tooth. Unfortunately, not every dentist uses these high quality products.

Lately, there have been reports that a few dentists in popular Asian countries have used dental implants made of copper based materials. These are far more reactive than titanium and are not so strong. If the recipient has an allergy to copper then trouble will start to brew in the mouth not long after the implant has been inserted. Alleviating the problem will incur more expenses than you originally budgeted for.

Advice for dental treatment abroad

If you do decide to seek dental treatment abroad

Make sure you thoroughly check out your chosen dentist or choose one that has built up a good reputation.
Ask the dentist to name the materials he uses in your chosen procedure.
Ask the dentist for a written quote before buying your air tickets.
Allow yourself plenty of time to get the treatment.
Make sure you get advice on the need for follow ups later on.

If you have to go to visit your usual UK dentist he or she will appreciate if you have all the information at your fingertips regarding your treatment abroad.

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