Costs of Botox Injections

Botox is a substance that is commonly injected into the skin to relax the muscles and improve the appearance of the skin in that area. It is commonly used on people who have crow’s feet, frown lines on the forehead and wrinkles. The lines on the face where it is most used don’t disappear altogether, but are much reduced with a botox treatment.

Botox does not have to be administered by a doctor and there are a number of clinics across the U.K. of varying quality that can offer a botox treatment. The cost of a botox treatment varies depending on how much botox is used in a single treatment session as well as the standard of treatment at the clinic and the location.

Botox prices per area or per unit

Botox Dermal FillersBotox is paid for according to two main pricing methods. Basically, they are similar, because they are both related to the amount of botox which is used. The first method is based on ‘area’. The larger the area treated, the higher the cost. If several different areas are treated, this will obviously cost more. For instance, some people just want their crow’s feet treated. Others want a full face treatment which includes their laugher lines on each side of their mouths, their lips, crow’s feet and frown lines on their forehead.

The second pricing method is by ‘unit’ of botox. The more botox used, the more costly the treatment.

Obviously both these two pricing methods are basically the same because the greater the area, the higher the number of units of botox required.

As a rough guide, a single treatment with botox might cost anywhere between £100 and £350.

To give another idea of how much botox is required, a treatment of the crow’s feet on one person may need around 10 to 15 units of botox and slightly more for the frown lines on the forehead. The area between the eyebrows may need 20 – 30 units of botox.

Location and Qualifications are Factors in the Overall Cost

The other factors that can affect the cost of a botox treatment are the location of the clinic and the qualifications of the personnel who perform the treatment.

Clinics in larger cities like London or Birmingham will tend to charge more simply because the running costs of their premises are higher. If you want a cheaper treatment you are better off having one done in a smaller town unless you have to pay too much to go there.

Because botox treatment is not a form of surgery there are a variety of different people who offer the service. The cheaper botox treatments are completed by less qualified people, but this doesn’t mean that you get the same standard of treatment. Botox injections given by a qualified doctor are likely to be more targeted as the doctor has a better knowledge of anatomy.

Dermal Fillers are a Safe Alternative

There are alternatives to using botox and that is the use of dermal fillers. These fillers have become more popular in recent years and are generally regarded as being safe. They tend to be much more permanent than using botox, as they work on a different principle, but the same aim of reducing wrinkles and abnormalities in the appearance of the skin.

If you are keen to have botox treatment in the UK to improve the appearance of your skin there are a list of skilled and experienced practitioners available at

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