The Cost of Dental Implants in the UK

dental implantFor many people, there is nothing worse than having to turn their heads away in embarrassment when they want to laugh or smile just because one or more of their most obvious front teeth are missing. Dental implants have become a popular way of solving this problem. This type of dental surgery is not necessarily cheap, with a price range of around £1800 – £2500 each, but the effect it has is what the recipient is after.

Dental implants are a long term option for those who really want to see an improvement in their smile. In spite of the initial investment implants can prove to be a cost-effective choice over time. They’re made from impressions of existing teeth, so they will look natural and they will fit perfectly in between the remainder of your other teeth. However, before coming to a final decision, it’s well worth examining the financial implications of having this sort of treatment.

How are Dental Implant Costs Calculated?

The price you pay for dental implants often reflects the quality of work performed so unless you already have an honest working relationship with your regular dentist who will charge you the correct value of the treatment required, then treat any quotes that seem rather low with suspicion. Not all the treatment process might have been included in the quote. Companies like can find a suitable dentist to meet your dental implant requirements.

The costs begin with the pre-surgery scans, especially if the clinic uses up to date equipment such as a 3D CT scan or a panoramic X-ray scan. These may be more expensive than some devices but in the end they reduce the likelihood of complications developing once the dental implants are in place. You may also require pre implant treatment which will be revealed on the scans. This will add to the cost of the dental implant procedure overall, but again the long term results will be better.

Scans will detect disease and decay so any tissues that are affected may have to be removed to ensure a longer lasting implant. In some cases a bone graft is required, which will add significant extra costs. This procedure is designed to build up the bone in your jaw so there is sufficient bone mass to take the implant. The bone will be removed from somewhere in your body and placed where the whole for the implant will take place.

Breakdown for a Single Implant

Placing of a single implant is between £1000 and £1500; an abutment will cost around £350 and the cost of a crown starts at around £450. These are the main costs, but there might be additional costs depending on your individual situation. Due to the significant cost involved, taking out insurance and getting a guarantee might be worthwhile follow up options.

If you are looking for a dentist in the UK who will undertake dental implant treatment, then visit, where a suitable dentist who will meet your requirements can easily be located.

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