Dental Implants in Children

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As children, very few of us make it to our adolescence without a broken bone or a chipped tooth. Kids love to play and suffer from frequent injuries on the hands, legs or a broken tooth. Well, feel lucky enough if your kid has lost his baby primary tooth as they will naturally be replaced by a permanent tooth. But, if your child has lost his permanent tooth, you will need to take the help of dental implants to help him get back his tooth, not naturally but artificially.

Usually referred as an avulsed tooth by dentists, a knocked out tooth is caused when a heavy external force breaks the bond between the bone (periodontal ligament) and tooth. In such a case, dental implantation is the only option. It maintains the connection between the tooth and the ligaments, ensuring that the tooth is not rejected by the affected bone.

dental implant in child

Can Dental Implant be performed on Kids?

But, the question here arises is, “Is Dental implant a preferred option for small kids?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. The procedure cannot be performed on small kids. There is a specific age limit for people who wish to undergo the procedure. For men, the age limit is 17 years, while for women, the limit is 15 years.

There are several reasons why the procedure is not performed at an early age. The first reason being, the bone growth in women stops at an average age of 15, while that in men is 17 years, and hence, you can get the best results only after you have achieved full dental growth. The procedure is successful only when the patient has a proper bone growth (fully grown jawbone) else, after the procedure, there are chances of not receiving the right results of the implant.

Other temporary options

With kids getting more concerned about their looks and appearances these days, there are other temporary solutions to fixing your lost tooth. Dentists can help you have a natural look by providing you with a denture of just one tooth. This can later be replaced by a proper dental implant treatment when you are of the right age. Until then, you will have to take good care of your denture and make sure of keeping your mouth healthy with proper check-ups and treatments.

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