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Hair loss in today’s time has become a major concern for all men and women alike. Every time you wash your hair or comb it, you are scared to check the tangled ball of hair stuck to your comb or lying on the floor. Some say, hair loss is caused due to tension, insufficient vitamin or iron intake and sometimes also due to hereditary. Well, there are several reasons for hair loss and just a few basic ways to prevent them. Here are some of the known reasons to hair fall.

–          Telogen Effluvium

Women lose a lot of hair after phases such as pregnancy, weight loss, stress, etc. This phenomenon is called Telogen Effluvium. During this condition, women suffer from excessive hair fall while shampooing, brushing or styling their hair. Unfortunately, there is no test that can be performed to know whether a patient is suffering from Telogen Effluvium. In order to get the right treatment, it is best that you wait for a few weeks to understand your hairfall and then talk to an expert for the right treatment.

–          Heredity

Men and women have genes which they inherited from their ancestors. These genes also include the gene for hair loss or baldness. In the initial stage, the patient suffers from hair thinning which then leads to a receding hair line. However, when you visit your dermatologist, he may instantly study your hair fall pattern and then suggest you the related treatments and prevention methods.

–          Hypothyroidism

If you are a patient suffering from hypothyroidism, then hair fall is a common symptom. The best way to ensure that you are suffering excessive hair fall due to hypothyroidism is by undergoing a TSH thyroid test. Based on the result, the doctor will provide you with the needed medications which will instantly help reduce your hair fall.

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–          Lupus

A chronic immune disorder, Lupus is a health condition that strikes mostly women during the child-bearing age. The auto-immune system of the body attacks the healthy body tissues which then lead to several types of symptoms including hair fall. The test for the condition is performed by a rheumatologist and then gives the required medications. However, if your hair fall is accompanied by body pain or joint pain, only then you should undergo the test for Lupus.

–          Iron Deficiency anemia

Men and women both can be anemic, due to either hereditary reasons or due improper food diet. The red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body carry less oxygen due to less hemoglobin. As a result you may feel fatigue an also suffer hair fall. You may also feel excessive weakness and a pale skin. A blood test confirms if you are anemic. Based on the results, the condition can be cured by following a proper diet and required medications.

–          Scalp based skin conditions

One of the major reasons for hair fall is an unhealthy scalp condition which leads to seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or also fungal infection. These conditions may arise when you don’t wash your hair regularly or due to certain auto-immune conditions. When checked by a dermatologist or by a biopsy, the reason and treatment for the condition is determined. The treatment method differs based on the type of scalp condition.

–          Alopecia Areata

Another kind of auto-immune disorder, Alopecia Areata basically attacks the hair follicles on the head, leading to baldness. The disorder is most commonly triggered by stress. The condition is determined based on the pattern of hair fall and a few blood tests. Also hormones are tested to know the other reasons for hair loss. The treatment includes hormone therapy, namely intralesional Corticosteroids based therapy.

–          Styling

And lastly, if you are a fashionista and love styling your hair or trying new looks with hair colors and other hair products, then hair fall is one of your major concerns. Blow drying your hair, using straightening rods, curlers and other hair styling equipments without proper care and protection also leads to hair fall. In order to treat hair fall caused due to styling, it is best to take care of your hair by avoiding excessive styling, massaging the root and eating a protein rich diet. This will help your hair become strong from the roots. Also, if you want to style your hair, it is best to learn the tips to protect your hair using hair heat resistance sprays, combing your hair at the right time, etc.

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