Breast Reduction Procedure

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Breast reduction procedure is usually recommended by your doctor if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain or several other related symptoms, all caused due to your overly large sized breasts. In such conditions, reducing the size of your breast and shaping it in proportion to your body is the best way to cure all your health conditions and also achieve an attractive look.

breast reduction

Also termed as mammaplasty, the procedure includes the removal of excess skin, fat and glandular tissues from your breast. The procedure helps alleviate the physical discomfort caused due to the large sized breasts. The result of the surgery is overwhelming, particularly in all the patients. Men with abnormally enlarged breasts (medically termed as Gynecomastia) can also go through the surgery. However, as the procedure is long and considered a major surgery, it is best to know about the benefits, complications and potential of the breast reduction procedure.

Consultation about breast reduction

Before you take the decision for mammaplasty, it is essential that you consult your surgeon. Talk every detail about your health history, why you wish to undergo the procedure, medical conditions, allergies, etc. that may be related to the procedure or its recovery. Once your doctor decides if you really need the procedure, he will take pictures of your breasts, measure them and explain how much tissue will be removed from your breasts. He will also ask you to undergo a mammogram (breast examination) prior to the surgery.

Make sure you also talk about your eating and drinking habits as they may affect your recovery and treatment.

Breast Reduction Surgery

The surgery, in most cases is performed within the hospital as the patient may have to stay under observation for a few hours or one night. However, based on your health conditions, the surgery may also be performed in an outpatient facility. But, in both conditions, you will be provided general anesthesia.

Breast reduction surgery or Mammaplasty is a 3 to 5 hour long surgery, with the surgeon making at least 3 incisions. The first cut is made around the nipple. The second cut goes downward vertically, starting from the end of the areola to underneath your breasts, in the form of a keyhole. The last incision is made along the breast crease.

The surgeon removes the excess breast tissue, fat and skin and then shifts the areola to higher position. The areola (nipple) which in larger breasts gets stretched, also reduces in shape and size. The skin is brought together to give a proper shape to the breasts and then followed by liposuction to enhance the contour under the arm. However, liposuction is only an option, used if needed.

However, as the nipples and areolas are attached to the inner tissues of the skin that cause sensation, the procedure needs to be performed with great care. But, according to most surgeons, the ability to breastfeed your infant is rightly preserved during the surgery. Even though, it is not guaranteed by the doctors.

Once the surgery has been performed, your doctor will wrap your breasts in special gauze and ask you to wear special surgical bras.

Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

Take complete rest for at least week. Some people with slower recovery may need almost 2 weeks time to get back to their work and life. Your doctor will instruct you with medications and the follow-up appointments.

Make sure you don’t do any physical activity for 1 month, as it may stretch your stitches and tissues in the breasts. You will feel breast pain and also get tired faster. In order to cure the pain, you will be prescribed oral pain killers for the first few days.

Apply the ointments and cream as prescribed by your doctor to cure the surgery scars from your breasts.

In case of infection or fever post operation, contact your doctor immediately for treatment.

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