Breast Surgery in Sheffield

breast implantsBreast Surgery in Sheffield is a great choice for breast enlargements. It is no longer the industrial city that it used to be famous for, but has been developed into a lifestyle city – just a stone’s throw from the Pennines. If you choose Sheffield for your cosmetic breast treatment after you have been assessed by your chosen plastic surgeon, the procedure normally takes from one to two hours under a general anaesthetic. Usually, after an initial recovery period you should be able to return home the same day. In certain situations a stay overnight in hospital might be required.

The procedure involves your surgeon making incisions in your breasts which can be in the crease beneath your breast, in the area surrounding your nipple or close to your armpit. Sometimes they are placed in the front of the pectoral or behind the pectoral muscle which is the most suitable place for women with particularly small breasts who do not possess any excess skin. This method lowers the chance of the breast implants being too visible.

What to expect after Sheffield breast enlargement surgery

Once the procedure has been completed, the 24 to 48 hours following it can be quite uncomfortable and it’s common that the breasts will for a temporary period feel over-enlarged, heavy and tight, as a result of post-surgery swelling. Normal pain relief medication can be provided and placing compression bandages will help to relieve any discomfort.  When you wake after the procedure you may find some small drainage tubes in place which helps to reduce any swelling and bruising. These will be taken off before you return home.

Breast enlargement surgery, unless the patient has exceptional need such as an injury or a breast cancer incident, cannot get the treatment free of charge under the NHS.  As a general rule the cost of breast enlargements starts at around £3,500 and could reach more than £5,000. The treatment normally includes all pre-operative care and an extensive after care programme to ensure the breast implants have worked in the way they should have done.

Possible side effects of Sheffield surgery can take place such as rupturing. These are not always immediately noticeable depending on the type of implant but will require a visit to your cosmetic surgeon for examination.

There is no better time to get breast enlargement Surgery in Sheffield as all the worst types of breast implants are no longer available in the U.K. and the tried and tested ones are readily available and surgeons have becoming more highly skilled in the procedure.

Surgeons Qualifications for Breast Enlargement

In the U.K. there is no cosmetic surgeons’ central registry. Doctors who perform cosmetic surgery can have training in any one of nine surgical specialisations that have been recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons. The majority of surgeons who undertake cosmetic surgery have plastic surgery training. Surgeons who have specialised in ophthalmology, ENT which is ear, nose and throat may undertake some procedures in cosmetic surgery. Doctors with an MBChB or MBBS are not qualified to perform cosmetic surgery, as these qualifications are only basic.

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