Breast Enlargement Surgery in London

Breast Enlargement SurgeryIf you have been considering having your breasts enlarged or reduced in size, then you can be sure that there will be a suitable clinic somewhere near you in London. There are literally dozens of good breast enlargement clinics all over the city where you can be sure that you can get the breast size and shape that you want. Breast enlargement or reduction surgery usually follows a consultation with the surgeon where you can discuss what the surgery involves and what you would like him or her to do to your breasts.

How breast enlargement surgery can benefit you

Many women decide to alter their breast size and shape largely for cosmetic reasons. They may be genuinely dissatisfied with their size and wish to enlarge them so they look more natural or make them feel more feminine.

After childbirth, some women experience a change in the shape and size of their breasts and may wish to make them firmer and less sagging. Some may feel that their breasts have not returned to their original size and may want to reduce them a little.

Aging can also affect the size and shape of women’s breasts and naturally they tend to sag somewhat. Some women opt to give their breasts a younger, and more supported look.

In addition to cosmetic reasons, some women may have to sacrifice a breast or two because of breast cancer. Following recovery, breast enlargement surgery can allow the woman who has been through a particularly challenging experience regain her feminine appearance.

What’s involved in breast enlargement surgery

If you are wondering how a surgeon enlarges your breasts, it is actually a relatively quick and easy procedure done under anaesthetic, so that you don’t feel a thing. Breast enlargement clinics in London will insert an artificial implant behind or under your breast which will imitate the soft feel of your own natural breast.

Implants consist of a silicone shell, with either a silicone or saline gel or liquid material inside. The relative differences between these materials will be explained to you at the consultation and you can choose whichever suits you best. The surgeon will make an incision in the skin at one point around your breasts and slip the implant inside. Most commonly, the implant is placed between the breast tissue itself and your chest muscle.

Is breast enlargement surgery expensive?

If you intend to have you breasts enlarged or modified purely for cosmetic reasons, then you will have to use a private clinic and cannot get the operation done on the NHS. Most clinics in London will be able to provide details of their range of costs on their websites. You can use com to see if there is a suitable clinic somewhere near you.  Most breast enlargement surgery will cost between £3,000 and £5,000, depending on what exactly you want done to your breasts.

If you want to have breast enlargement surgery done because your breast or breasts have had to be removed to combat cancer, then you should be able to get this done on the NHS.

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