Breast Enlargement in Leicester

Breast enlargement has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.K., despite the fact that it is seldom paid for by the NHS, unless the woman has damaged her breasts in an accident or has been a victim of breast cancer.

There are many good reasons to have Breast Enlargement surgery in Leicester which includes:

  • increasing your self-esteem and confidence when in the presence of others;
  • increasing femininity;
  • being able to select clothes including swimwear and underwear that flatters your appearance;
  • altering the shape, size,  firmness and position of your breasts following pregnancy, aging and weight loss;
  • enhancing the curvature of your figure.

People who select to have Breast Enlargement in Leicester opt for it for a number of reasons. The procedure particularly suits women with small breasts, breasts that are not symmetrical or breasts that have become smaller due to loss in weight or after pregnancy.  Before choosing the procedure it’s important to discuss and assess your suitability for breast enlargement with a suitably qualified breast enlargement cosmetic surgeon.  There are many available in Leicester and you can choose one through the website

Who is qualified to complete breast enlargement surgery?

Breast EnlargementBreast Enlargement in the U.K. should be undertaken by a registered, qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. The completed job normally takes from one to two hours from start to finish. A general anaesthetic is used so sometimes it is necessary to spend a night in hospital afterwards. This is to ensure that the healing process is on track.

At the start of the procedure, your chosen cosmetic surgeon will commence by cutting small incisions beneath your breasts where there is a natural crease. The implant is then inserted behind the breast tissue and muscle to ensure a natural shape is the outcome. Surgical sutures are used to close the incisions. Your cosmetic surgeon will gladly explain the details of the procedure before commencement.

What is the cost of breast enlargement?

There is no set price attached to breast enlargements as all women have different needs. You should ask your cosmetic surgeon in Leicester to provide you with a quote before you agree to the procedure. This should include the breast enlargement procedure, an overnight stay in hospital and any further appointments required to check on progress.

What is the best age for breast enlargement surgery?

There is no upper age limit for Breast Enlargement surgery in Leicester but it is unwise to consider it if you are not fully mature. That means that, generally, anyone under 18 years of age is not considered for this type of cosmetic surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon will assess your health status from your medical records before making a final decision regarding your suitability. It is important to tell your surgeon if you intend to have children and breast feed as this will influence where the incisions are made. Often, a surgeon will only recommend breast enlargement surgery if you don’t intend to have children. This is due to the fact that breast feeding and pregnancy can have an effect on the shape size, shape position of the breasts.

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