Breast Enlargement in Leeds

Breast EnlargementBreast enlargement is one of those cosmetic procedures which has become increasingly popular in the U.K., so there are many good plastic surgeons available throughout Leeds who can advise and undertake the procedure.

Breast enlargement in Leeds involves the use two specific types of implant which are available in the U.K. They are filled with either silicone gel or saline, which is basically salt water. Your chosen Breast Enlargement Leeds plastic surgeon will discuss what is most suitable for you.

Silicone and saline are the main fillers

Silicone gel implants are used in the U.K. more than those filled with saline solution. The silicone filler can be either a gel that is fluid like or gel that is more similar to jelly and is therefore firmer. Both of these two types are encased in an elastic shell which is firm and is made out of silicone elastomer. It can be either textured or smooth.

The gel that is more solid has the benefit of maintaining its shape if in the unlikely event of rupturing of the implant takes place. Silicone gel is softer to touch and feels and appears more natural than other types of implants, but can highlight skin wrinkles in those people who are particularly slim. Selecting a gel implant that is more solid may mean any scarring is more noticeable. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the most suitable option for you.

Saline implants do have some advantages as they are filled with a product that is naturally found throughout your body. Saline implants do tend to rupture and can cause skin wrinkling, and they also do generally and look and feel less natural. Saline implants can be inserted and then filled by your Breast Enlargement Leeds surgeon as soon as they have been placed in the right place.

Why does an implant leak?

There are a number of reasons why an implant can rupture and then leak. The symptoms can be different depending on the type of implant. When rupturing takes place a split or hole appears in the implant’s shell which means the implant could either leak quite slowly or even suddenly. Implants filled with saline solution may encounter rupturing more often when compared to implants filled with silicone gel. Implants filled with saline solution can rupture when there is an unsealed or damaged valve present or if a break occurs inside the implant shell. If a saline-filled implant happens to rupture, it normally becomes noticeable quickly but on occasions could develop over a few days. If this does happen, the breast will lose shape and shrink.

Often the body reacts to a breast implant with the developing of a capsule of tissue that is scarred and forms around it. When an implant filled with silicone gel ruptures, the silicone gel normally stays inside this capsule. This is commonly referred to as a silent rupture, as it is not normally noticeable. Your body could react to the silicone gel leak by developing a thicker scar tissue capsule. This could distort the breast shape and pain may be felt.

It is possible for the silicone gel to leak and work its way out of the capsule and then create lumps in the breast. Pain will be experienced and also lumps or hard knots in the armpit or around the implant.  Hardness, burning or aching may be experienced in the breast too. There are no known dangers when silicone gel implants leak.

There are specific causes of breast implant rupture which include:

  • a direct blow to the implant, for example, force from hitting the steering wheel of a car when brakes have to be applied;
  • damage that took place during surgery but was not detected;
  • a manufacturing defect;
  • wearing down of the implant shell.

It is not often that a mammography causes the rupturing of an implant to rupture and there is no evidence to support this. Your Breast Enlargement Leeds plastic surgeon will explain the procedure and the possible side effects before the breast enlargement takes place.

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