Breast Enlargement in Glasgow

breast implantsGlasgow has everything that anyone could want in terms of modern living. It is also a great place if you want to change the shape of your breasts. There are a number of excellent clinics in Glasgow that can offer breast enlargement, modification or reduction surgery safely and quickly. If you live in or near Glasgow, it makes sense to have your breasts enlarged in the city rather than spending time and money going further afield, especially when the procedure is relatively quick.

Why change the shape of your breasts?

Most women opt for breast enlargement surgery, but a minority opts to reduce their breasts and others may wish to have slightly different surgery for each breast. There are two main reasons why women wish to have surgery which changes the shape of their breasts.

  1. For cosmetic reasons. Many women want to change the shape of their breasts to make them more attractive or natural and boost their self-confidence. For some women, their breasts never really grew after puberty and have reached a sub-optimal size. For others, one breast may appear obviously smaller than the other and the woman prefers that both her breasts are of the same size. Other women are simply dissatisfied with the present size or shape of their breasts and wish to make them firmer and / or larger, especially if they are beginning to sag naturally with age. Some women have been through pregnancy and have found that their breasts have changed shape as a result.
  2. For medical reasons. Some women want to have breasts restored, at least in shape, after a mastectomy (breast removal because of cancer). This is almost the only reason why free breast enlargement surgery can be obtained on the NHS.

What is involved in breasts enlargement?

Glasgow breast enlargement clinics generally use what is called a breast implant, which is an artificial cup, inserted in a suitable place inside each breast. The location of the implant depends on the desired shape of the breasts. Each implant consists of an outer shell of silicone which is then filled with either more silicone or a saline material (this is basically sterile salt water). The filling may be a liquid, which gives a softer, more natural feel to the breasts, or a gel, which provides a firmer structure.

During surgery, the surgeon will make an insertion in the breast and insert the implant. The most common place for the implant is behind the breast material, between it and your chest muscle, but in some cases the implant may be inserted behind the muscle. Your surgeon will discuss the location of the implant with you and the implications

Is breast enlargement safe?

Yes, the surgery techniques have been used for many years, now and both the methods and materials have been thoroughly tested. The use of PIP implants, which were manufactured in France and have caused problems in the past have been discontinued and no clinic in Glasgow uses this method. Breast surgery at Glasgow clinics is regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency which also gives women advice about the options they have in breast surgery.

How long does it take?

The actual surgery is not carried out until a consultation has taken place. Most clinics in Glasgow will offer a free consultation where you can discuss what you wanted to do with your breasts with the surgeon. The actual surgery takes about an hour and a half to two hours. The breasts will then need time to recover from surgery and will start to feel natural within a couple of weeks after the implants have been inserted.

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