What does Breast Enlargement Cost in Cardiff?

Breast EnlargementCardiff is a good centre if you need to have any type of cosmetic surgery, particularly if you are interested in having your breasts enlarged or reduced or modified in any way. There are a number of very good, reputable surgeries that can provide you with modern breast enlargement treatment when you want it.

Unless you have a medical reason for wanting breast reconstruction, it is highly unlikely that you will get breast enlargements on the NHS. The NHS generally prohibits free cosmetic surgery unless the person wanting it has been severely burned or disfigured in some way by disease or accident. For example, if you have been unfortunate to have had breast cancer, you may have to have one or both breasts removed to protect the rest of your body from contracting the disease. Breast reconstruction following mastectomy is offered free on the NHS in Cardiff.

Breast Enlargement Costs in Cardiff

More rarely, Cardiff hospitals will sometimes allow free breast surgery on the NHS if there can be made out to be a convincing case for breast enlargement or reduction because of mental stress or chronic depression. This can take quite a lot of persuasion and usually comes after months of visits to your GP, counsellors, psychologists and hospital doctors before surgery is allowed.

As for most cosmetic surgery, you will need to turn to the private sector and pay the going rate for the type of surgery you are interested in.

Note that breast enlargement or reduction surgery is no more expensive in Cardiff than in any other city in Wales or England. In fact, because you will need to make more than one visit, it makes sense to have your surgery completed in Cardiff if you live in the city itself or in a nearby part of South Wakes as it will reduce the cost of transport and accommodation having to do it elsewhere.

Most Cardiff surgeries will charge anywhere between £3,000 and £6,000 for breast surgery. You should ask for a quotation when you go to your initial consultation at one of the Cardiff clinics that you might see on anyclinic.co.uk. Usually, the first visit is free. At that visit you will be able to discuss what you want and the surgeon will be able to assess what it will involve.

The cost of breast enlargements varies from person to person and clinic to clinic. The variation comes from the differences in the specific needs of each woman wanting breast surgery. For instance, is just one breast involved or both breasts? How large are the implants needed to enlarge the breasts to the size you want? What type of filling are you after? Some are liquidier and others have a firmer, jelly like consistency. How long will the procedure take and do you have to spend any nights in hospital?

Note that you should also be advised of where you stand if you don’t like the product. Also, how much do you need to pay for follow up visits and what happens if things go wrong further down the track? All these issues should be discussed with you frankly at a reputable Cardiff breast enlargement clinic, so if you are not advised of the finer details, don’t hesitate to ask!

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