Breast Augmentation Surgery in Preston

Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation involves placing beneath your breasts or the muscle at the rear of your breasts an artificial implant which plays the role of enlarging your breasts’ size. Even though this is a tried and tested procedure in Preston, it is still performed using a general anaesthetic. This means that it is generally accepted that those women who wish to have Breast Augmentation Surgery in Preston need to be in good general health before they can be recommended. Anyone who has dreamt about having breast enlargement treatment should choose a reputable and qualified cosmetic surgeon who will decide what the best plan should be.

Breast implants which are silicone gel-filled are now the most common type of breast implant in use in the UK but there are also those filled with a saline solution as well. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the two different kinds in use. The silicone filler used can be of one of two types. The first is a gel that is basically a fluid and the second type is a jelly like substance which is far firmer.

Benefits and drawbacks of different implant fillings

In the unlikely event of the shell that encases the silicone filler rupturing, the solid gel tends to keep its shape much better than the more liquid substance. The softer silicone gel has a more natural feel than other implants but it can reveal skin wrinkles on those women who are particularly slim. Selecting gel implants that are more solid could result in a larger scar. These benefits and drawbacks of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Preston you should discuss with your cosmetic surgeon. Both saline and silicon breast implants are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Implants can either be teardrop in shape or rounded.

Fortunately, some of the less reputable breast implants, such as trilucent implants which are soya bean oil-filled, and hydrogel implants, have been withdrawn from the U.K. so you will always be recommended the best implants which have favourable results.

In the event of a rupture

Many women have heard of the possibility of an implant rupturing or leaking. This is when a split or hole appears in the implant’s shell.  This is more likely to occur with saline solution filled implants. These are due to a direct severe impact being placed on your breasts such as in an accident situation, a manufacturing defect, or the implant shell deteriorating over time. If, in the unlikely situation that this happens, you will feel discomfort in your breasts and the one that has suffered from a rupture will lose its shape. This rupturing cannot do any harm to your overall health but you will need to consult the surgeon who performed your Breast Augmentation Surgery in Preston.

Make sure you use a reputable surgeon of Breast Augmentation

The most important thing about breast augmentation is the importance of paying a reputable surgeon to perform the procedure in the first place. provides a list of reputable Preston cosmetic surgeons who can advise you and provide all the necessary back up while your implants are in place.

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