Breast Augmentation in Birmingham

Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation in Birmingham involves surgery that uses fat or breast implants to increase the size of breasts or enhance breast volume which has become less after weight loss or pregnancy.

Clinically, breast augmentation is known as augmentation mammaplasty and can play the role of:

  • increasing the fullness and shape of your breasts;
  • making improvements to the overall balance of your figure;
  • improving your self confidence and image.

Breast implants are often used after a mastectomy due to injury or cancer.

There are some things that breast augmentation surgery may not do and that is correct breasts that droop excessively. If you do have badly drooping breasts and you are self conscious about it, you can ask your breast augmentation in Birmingham surgeon if a breast lift is a suitable option for you. Breast lifting may sometimes be undertaken at the same visit as augmentation, or it may be necessary to perform another operation. Your plastic surgeon in Birmingham will help you decide what the best choice is for you.

What happens during breast augmentation surgery?

When an augmentation mammaplasty takes place, an implant is positioned beneath the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle which is situated under the breast. The implants currently in use are made from a silicone shell which has a soft texture. It is generally filled with either a saline solution or silicone gel. Once the plastic surgeon has decided where the implant is to be fitted a suitably sized incision is necessary at the breast’s lower crease, in the armpit or on the bottom edge of the breast’s areola which is the pigmented part of the breast situated around the nipple.

The implant that has already been fabricated is placed into the breast through the incision. Some plastic surgeons hold the belief that placing the implant under the chest muscle decreases the likelihood of a condition referred to as capsular contracture developing which is when the tissue tends to harden around the implant and doesn’t interfere so much with mammography which can happen if the implant is positioned beneath the breast tissue and in front of the muscle.

Breast lifting can take place at the same time as augmentation

When the implant has been placed into the breast through the incision, adjustments are made to its position and shape and then the incision is stitched up to enhance the healing process. If necessary, a breast lift can be accomplished at the same time as breast augmentation.  A breast lift procedure helps to elevate drooping or sagging breasts and also improves the shape and appearance of the areola and the nipple. To uplift the breasts, surplus skin from beneath the breast and from around the areola is eliminated. The skin left behind is brought together with the aim of tightening and raising the breast.

As Breast Augmentation in Birmingham is considered to be a matter of choice, help from the NHS is unlikely unless the person has been exposed to breast cancer or has been injured in a legitimate accident.

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