Boob Jobs with a Poor Credit History

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Boob jobs, more correctly known as breast enlargement or breast reduction surgery, are not cheap. Unless you can convince the NHS that you have been suffering mentally for a long time because of the size of your breasts, it is unlikely you will be able to have your breasts enlarged or reduced for free. The alternative, which nearly all women take, is to use the services of a private breast enlargement clinic. Some clinics specialise in breast surgery; others perform other types of cosmetic surgery as well, such as liposuction or tummy tucks. The average cost of a reputable breast enlargement operation is between £3,000 and £6,000.

How to get a loan for a boob job

Because of the cost of breast enlargement, it is common to find a variety of ways that the surgery can be paid for over a longer time period rather than having to pay for it upfront. Many clinics have payment options which allow repayment over months or even years. Of course, the total cost of repayment is then going to be higher because it will include the interest paid on what is basically a loan. If you have had a poor credit history, getting a loan to pay for a boob job can be particularly difficult, but no more so than any other type of purchase. The reality is that most loan providers will examine your credit history with a fine tooth comb before they are prepared to give you a loan. The usual provisions for a loan to allow you to have a boob job include the following:Boob Job

  • Age must be above 18
  • You must have been in employment for at least the last 12 months
  • Have a current bank account which can be used to set up a direct debit
  • UK resident with a residential requirement at the same address for the last 3 years
  • You should have had no credit defaults or bankruptcies within the last 3 years.

Some companies do offer loans to people with a poor credit history

Note that several companies will offer loans to those people with a poor credit history, but the interest rates can be astronomical or at least a lot higher than a normal loan. If you are contemplating a breast enlargement or any type of cosmetic surgery then you should really consider your financial situation and do all you can to repay any debts before you look around for a loan company which will offer you a loan for surgery.

How about a holiday and a boob job at the same time?

There are other alternatives which you might consider in addition to taking out a loan with a poor credit history loan company and this includes having the boob job done overseas. There are a number of countries where the total cost of cosmetic surgery is considerably cheaper than it is in the U.K. If you can combine a cheap beach holiday with a breast enlargement wherever it is cheap, then you might be able to do this without having to find a loan company to take you on when you have a poor credit history. Obviously, although many overseas cosmetic surgeons offer surgery at a much reduced price, you also have to consider your flights and accommodation, which then bring the cost back towards what it might have cost here in the U.K. The point to note is that if you have a poor credit history dating from the past but a healthy financial status today, there are a range of options available which still allow you to get that surgery you always dreamed about done, even if you have to seek it overseas.


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