What Does a Boob Job Cost?

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Breast enlargement or breast reduction surgery, sometimes colloquially referred to as a “boob job” is usually a cosmetic procedure which takes place in a private clinic. Some women are able to get their breasts reconstructed in a NHS hospital, but this is usually restricted to women who have had their breasts removed as a result of cancer. In some instances, breast surgery may be allowed if a patient can convince doctors and psychologists that they are clinically depressed because of the small size of their breasts, or alternatively, because the weight of their large breasts is giving them constant back pain.

For most women, having their breasts enlarged is something which they look forward to as they feel that it makes them look more natural or more feminine. Women who contemplate having breast enlargement surgery need to spend some time researching the pros and cons of surgery as well as working out how much it is likely to cost them.

There are a large number of cosmetic surgeries that specialize in breast reconstruction, including breast enlargement and reduction. Most of these surgeries allow a free consultation so that a potential client can discuss their needs and learn about how the procedure might take place. At the same time, the surgeon who is present at the consultation will be able to give the woman a realistic estimate of how much it is going to cost.

Cost of basic breast surgery

Boob Job CostIn British breast enlargement clinics or surgeries, the cost of enlarging both breasts ranges from a low of less than £3,000 to a high of more than £6,000. While there is a certain amount of variation between different clinics for the same procedure the amount charged does depend on the amount of time it is likely to take to treat the woman. In particular, the costs go up if there is a need to spend a night or more in hospital after surgery.

What makes up the cost of a breast surgery procedure?

There are various aspects of a breast surgery procedure which influences the cost. For a start, the size of the implant that is inserted into the breast or breasts; whether treatment is for one breast only or both breasts. This may seem strange, but in fact some women find that they have a marked difference between the size or shape of their breasts and their need for surgery stems from wanting to have two breasts that look the same. In these circumstances, it is possible to deal with only one of the breasts o that its size and shape mimics the other one.

The type of implant – whether it is a gel or liquid type – will also influence the cost. The filling that is put inside the implant shell is often a personal choice and the differences between the various fillers will be carefully explained by the surgeon at the initial consultation.

Normally, the woman undergoing surgery will spend a single night in hospital after the procedure. In a smaller nuber of cases, she might not have to spend anytime in hospital or spend more than one night, especially if there are any complications.

Who is financially responsible for after care and when things go wrong?

What you should consider if you are thinking about breast surgery is what happens if you are not pleased at the results of the surgery or if something goes wrong either immediately after or further down the track. These eventualities should be spelled out at your consultation and particularly who is responsible financially for any after care or after treatment. If these details are lacking, it makes sense to ask questions yourself until you are satisfied that you know exactly what you are paying for.

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