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Hair transplant procedures, in the recent times have become one of the most widely followed cosmetic treatments throughout the world. Hair loss is considered as a common condition with aging. But, today almost everyone wants to look young and have a healthy hair growth. Wigs or other artificial hair accessories are not an option that everyone wishes to choose. In such conditions, hair transplant procedures such as FUT and FUE are chosen widely. Here, we will talk about FUT and every detail you need about this procedure.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT is a procedure in which a strip of follicular unit or the small clusters of hair are removed from the donor area (usually the back area of the head) and then grafted into the bald area of the head. These naturally transplanted units then replicate and increase hair volume on the scalp.

These small hair grafts are inserted very cautiously on the bald area, leading to uniform hair growth, not creating any clumps or corn rows which usually occurred it the previous techniques.

FUT is one of the most minimal invasive techniques which have a small recovery period and rare complications. The only thing that makes a lot of difference is the skill of the surgeon performing the procedure on the patient.

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FUT Procedure

FUT procedure includes extraction of donor hair follicular units from the permanent zone of the head, the back area of the head. This graft is then broken into smaller follicular units and then grafted into groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs, which are called follicular units.

A surgeon removes the donor strip very carefully using a microscopic dissection technique. The entire process is performed under general anesthetics and requires some recovery time. Once the donor grafts are removed, it is stored in a HypoThermosol (holding solution). The grafts are then arranged in positions that help enhance hair growth and a natural look in the patient.

The FUT procedure involves 4 basic hair follicle placement steps. These include:-

  • Single hair units are placed at the front of the hairline
  • 2 hair units are then placed behind the hairline
  • 3 hair units are placed behind the 2 previous hair units
  • 4 hair units are then placed behind the 3 previous units.

This procedure gives your hair a natural look and growth, particularly with the hair density in the bald area. In one session, almost 4,000 hairs can be successfully transplanted. Based on the requirement the number of sessions may vary.

After the effect of anesthetics fades away, you will experience some soreness, discomfort and also swelling on the scalp. In such conditions, doctors provide you with painkillers and other medications to avoid infections in the surgery area.

Post-surgery care

Post operation, you will be asked by your doctor to sleep with your head elevated high using pillows. Or, you may also sleep on your rocking chair to avoid swelling. Other things you need to take care are:

  • Shower with warm water using only medicated shampoo as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Shower 2 times a day to keep the scalp clean.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises for few weeks.
  • Avoid touching and itching the scalp.

Risks or Side Effects of FUT

FUT is a successful procedure with very rare risks or side effects. Some of the possible complications include:

  • Slow hair growth which may be caused due to damaged hair follicles.
  • Infection in the area, if antibiotics are not prescribed by the doctor.
  • Scarring can be seen in the area where the incision is made for removing the donor graft.
  • Poor or slow healing process may also be caused based on the patient’s genetics.
  • Risk of hyper-pigmentation may occur in rare cases.


The recovery period lasts for upto 10 days after which you may resume your daily activities.

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